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July 5th, 2011 | Asia


Here's a picture of a large rat-like creature that Worldrider has mistaken for a cat....!!

My website seems to have developed a glitch that is not allowing me to upload any more photos….!!

I figure that I have two choices at this moment in time….  I can wait until somebody with far more patience than I have, sorts the bloody thing out, or… I could use my laptop as a frizbee…!!

For the time being, I have chosen the former option, but the folk on the other side of this rice paddy I am sitting at, had better keep an eye out for a flying Acer….!!



3 comments to Grrrrrrrrr…..!!

  • Khalid

    Hi Ronny,
    I can’t be of any kind of help for your flying Acer.
    Just put it under your bed and enjoy your present new life.
    As you said in your blog : “A special person I recently met has reminded me that “Australia isn’t going any place soon…” and with that in mind, I have taken my hand off the throttle so to speak…!!”
    Yes this person is right.
    I can tell you, for sure, that the world isn’t going any place soon.
    So give time to time, just relax and enjoy every moment.
    stop breaking your head about schedules or any other thing.
    BF is ready, and always will be, no matter what your decision is… All is up you.

    with love

  • Mark Behr

    Hang on to the frizbee and catch up when you are able.

  • Ha…!! Once again Moroccan wisdom shines through…!! Thank you for reminding me old friend…!! Miss you and my “family”…!! R.

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