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April 9th, 2012 | Peru

BMW Lima and the 150 000 km Service…

It took almost an hour to ride the 10 km to Commercial Gildemeister BMW Motorrad… Monday morning traffic in Lima is murder with a capital “M”…!!

Up on the lift for a thorough going over...!!

This was the very same model and colour of my first BMW... Brought back so many memories.... Too many, in fact...!!

This dealership has been a going concern for only two years, and although the service was efficient, and the staff very helpful, I think they still have a ways to go before they can compare themselves with other Motorrad dealerships I have had the Big Fella serviced at…

If I had not been standing looking over the shoulder of the mechanic, and reminding him what needed to be done, the service would have taken even longer…

In fact, I removed the front brakes and checked them myself, to speed things up, and then was charged for the job…!!

After draining the oil form the engine, the mechanic reached for the new bottles of oil to fill the engine back up, forgetting that he still had to reset the valves…!! And even when he began doing this simple job, he had no idea what the clearances should be, and fiddled about for half an hour, before I stepped up to show him what needed to be done…!!

I got the feeling that he worked mostly on cars, Mini Cooper’s in particular, which is what this branch is more well known for…

My mechanic friend said my spark plugs looked fine... I'm no expert, but to me they looked shot...!! I made him replace them...!!

The valve clearences seemed a huge challenge to him, he could not decide which size of the feeler gauge to use...!!

I was concerned about all the dirt around the rear drive... At other BMW dealerships, they wash the bike before they begin work on it, to ensure that no dirt gets into the engine or other moving parts....!!

The bike had not been properly serviced in Florianapolis, and this time I wanted to be sure that everything was taken care of… I insisted the valves be reset, both front and rear brake lines be drained and refilled with new fluid….

I also wanted the clutch line drained and refilled; the brakes checked for wear; the engine, gearbox and final drive drained of their old oil and this replaced with the best oil they had in stock…

My next service would be in Mexico, and I wanted no hassles during my ride through northern South America or Central America…

I was happy to see that my shock was no longer leaking...!!

Was someone trying to tell me that the bike needed a wash...??

While was was watching, another rider on a GS 650 Dakar arrived…. Enter Nigel Helliwell-Axe, on a bike that had seen smoother roads…!! Not only was his rear bearing shot, but he had no rear brakes to speak of either…!! While another mechanic began dismantling the Dakar’s rear end, we chatted about our respective rides…

Nigel and a friend, had ridden through Europe and the Middle East, through India and South East Asia, then shipped their bikes to South America and ridden down to Ushuaia and were on their way up the Pacific coast en route to Caracas in Venezuela, from where they planned to ship them to Spain, in time to watch the Spanish GP in early June… Thereafter, they would ride back to London where they would both rejoin the rat race…

They had been on the road for almost a year already…

We discussed our respective routes up the coast and by and large, we intended to visit the same places… We made arrangements to meet in Northern Peru and ride together for as long as it suited us…

After the service, a quick spring-clean...!!

Repairs to Nigel's bike required judicious use of a hammer and chisel...!! Not good...!!

I left Nigel pondering his Dakar, which could not be repaired that same day, and rode out of Gildemeister and into the teeth of the afternoon traffic… Within a very short space of time, I realised that there was something seriously wrong with the Big Fella…!!

It was backfiring, and absolutely died as soon as I put it into 3rd gear… I headed back to the workshop, surprising all present…

Although I was livid, I calmly explained that the bike was not in good order, and described the complete lack of power… It was very close to closing time, and I planned to be out on the road the following day…!! I was prepared to raise hell to ensure that they got the problem fixed immediately…!!

The Dark Destroyer was standing by, warming up his engines….!!

We discovered that the mechanic had not attached the coil for the left hand cylinder, and the bike had been firing on one cylinder only…!!

This proved that the mechanic was just a few points above “inept” in my book…!!

It took only a few minutes to solves the problem, and then another hour to ride back to the hotel…

This time, the Big Fella gurgled happily as we waited for either lights to change or puttered through the traffic… When we did find a gap where I could give the throttle a quick twist, the front wheel came clear off the ground in a display of power and acceleration…!!

I was looking forward to the ride back into the mountains the following day…!!

While we are ready to rock and roll, Nigel stands with hands on hips, wondering when he might be back on the road...!! It wasn't to be until the following day...!!

My final thoughts on the service in Lima, was that in a pinch, I would use them again, but I’d first check to see if they had the spares in stock (they had none for Nigel, and had to take parts off another bike…!!) and make sure there is a mechanic available who knows bikes a lot better than they guy who worked on mine…!!

©GBWT 2012

19 comments to BMW Lima and the 150 000 km Service…

  • Not sure why i don’t seem to be able to get past the first line of each of your blogs?(wasn’t doing that previously)
    Can anyone out there advise me of what ridiculous error i’m making here??

    From a 59 year old retard.


  • Vince

    I’m seeing the same thing, but I was assuming the GB has been busy and was just posting these single liners as place holders for more wild adventure when time permits to publish. If you’re making a mistake, you’re not the only one!

  • Charmz

    Guys relax, Vince is correct. Ronnie just does this so that he remembers to go back and fill in the blanks. He will catch up I promise, he is riding at the moment and when he has a pit stop he will catch-up. 🙂

  • Katia

    Thanks for the good news, was also missing up dates! Ronnie, when do you intend to arrivie in Mexico? Remember the dinner in our house? One guy could not come, James. His Bike was already sent to Mexico where he will start the trip to Alasca. Maybe there is a chance for you both to come together, depent when the 2 of u will be there. Get in contact. Best regards, Katia

  • Kenny(S/Suburbs)

    Thanks Tony I thought it was me pushing a wrong button somewere.Possibly I should try doing some work for a change instead of reading.
    Hope you all have a great week end

  • Hiya Katia…!! I hope to arrive in Mexico in Mid-May…!! Visiting a friend in Cancun for a few days, and meeting a very special person for a few days of rest and relaxation as well…!! Hope to meet James somewhere along the way, if our timing works out…!! R.

  • Telita Trower

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONNIE – thinking of you cuz and hope that wherever you are in South America that someone gives you a hug for your birthday. If not, we all send you one from Townsville and that includes Gill and Reagan. We miss you and talk about you often – even yesterday on the Strand. xxxx All our love John, T, David and Jaedon

  • Kenny

    Happy Birthday Ronnie.Wishing you a fantastic year never mind day.
    Ride safely and enjoy.

  • Kim

    Listen carefully to your singing blog – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, happy birthday Gypsy Biker, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you… (I went for singing lessons just to get this one right – sounds good hey!!!). May all your wishes come true and may you have a year filled with wonderful surprises!!!

    BIG kisses, as always

  • Charmz

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON, BROTHER, RONNIE, GYPSYBIKER, RONALDO and I can think of a hell of a lot more….including the Dark Destroyer!
    We wish you a great day and year ahead. May the rest of your world trip be without any glitches and hitches…well perhaps one “hitch”! We love and miss you. Have a drink on us wherever you are.
    Love Mom, Dad and Me xxx

  • Donna Ames

    Hi Ronnie…..a little birdie from Parrot Cay told me it was your Birthday!! I hope that you are having a day with fair winds and beautiful scenery!!
    Safe travels. I’m looking forward to seeing you in September!

  • Telita…!! So THAT’S why my ears have been burning lately…!! Ha…!! Thanks for the wishes, I had a day to remember, and yes, I did get a hug from a few people…!! Take care and love to all in Towsville…except the traffic cops, of course…!! R.

  • Thanks Sis…!! The Dark Destroyer has been packed away, and only comes out when he is needed to deal with “special” situations…!! You forgot “Carlos the Jackal”, and that’s DON Ronaldo to you…!! Ha…!! Love to all at home…!! R.

  • Thanks Kimmie…!! Wonderful voice you have…!! Many of my wishes have come true, just a few more to bag…!! Take care, R.

  • Ha, Donna…!! Those Parrot Cay birdies can be SO talkative…!! Thanks for the wishes, and will see you before September…!! The “birdie” can tell you more…!! Take care, R.

  • Thanks Kenny…!! Was a “topsy-turvy” day, but with the usual happy ending…!! Take care, R.

  • John Hooper

    Rumour has it you passed another (more personal) milestone….congrats / veels geluk / mazeltov.

  • Mark Behr

    We wait to hear how things are going. Hope you are enjoying yourself!

  • Tony Royle

    Red BMW F650 Funduro!!

    My first bike in London (and first “big” bike”!)

    Had it for over 5 years before getting a 650 GS Dakar

    Good to see you know you way around the bike mechanics!

    ride safe

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