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January 23rd, 2012 | Argentina

Ride to Rio Gallegos…

Northbound…!! I left Ushuaia early this morning, and started out on the long road to the town of Dead Horse, Prudoe Bay, Alaska….!! The route that I had planned would cover almost 40 000 km and would hopefully see me up there towards the end of July… I had packed most of my gear the […]

January 20th, 2012 | Argentina

The “Warrior” Celebrates…

I recently came across a book entitled “Warrior of the Light”, written by Paulo Coelho… It is a slim volume of short stories which were first published in a weekly column of a Brazilian newspaper, between 1993 and 1996. The preface on the cover was what first drew my attention. It simply read, “Short stories […]

January 19th, 2012 | Argentina

Tierra Del Fuego National Park…

While the town of Ushuaia is marketed as the “End of the World”, and for many, reaching this destination, signifies the end of their journey to the southernmost point on the South American continent… You can however ride your bike or car to a point even further south, to a little hamlet known as Lapataia, […]

January 18th, 2012 | Argentina

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap…!!

As mentioned in my previous post, having anything repaired in Ushuaia, will cost you an arm and a leg…!! Rip-off artists abound…!! When I rode into town on my first day here, to find somebody to repair the leaking hole in my back tyre, I was accompanied by my Argentine friends… Had they not been […]

January 17th, 2012 | Argentina

Memories of Fin del Mundo…

I arrived in Ushuaia on Sunday evening, and Pablo, Ezequiel and Agustin, were flying home to Buenos Aires on the Tuesday, so we had just one day to spend together in town before they left… After a quick breakfast, Agustin went into town and came back brandishing tickets for a boat ride out into the […]

January 15th, 2012 | Argentina

The Ride to Ushuaia…

Our ferry was due to leave Punta Arenas at 9.30am, and we still had to buy our tickets…!! If we missed this ferry, the next one was due two days later, and spending another a few days in Punta Arenas was not an option we were willing to consider…!! Our bikes were ready and loaded […]