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March 16th, 2012 | Argentina

Two Day Ride to Salta…

Before I left Asuncion, I studied the area I was going to be riding through to get to Salta in Argentina… The reason for going back there was to avoid riding through Paraguay to Bolivia, because I had no knowledge of the conditions that I would have to ride in to get there from Asuncion… […]

March 13th, 2012 | Paraguay

I Won’t be Sending Postcards…

After a brief thunderstorm, which left the streets running with grimy water mixed with litter, I took a walk to get some air… The air I smelt made me long for my air-conditioned hotel room after just a few blocks… I covered a grid of six city blocks around my hotel, to see if there […]

March 12th, 2012 | Brazil


We were beset with bad luck for a good part of the day today…!! The night before, I had a runny nose, and hoped that it was just a sinus thing… My hopes were dashed the following morning…!! I woke up with a bad case of flu, feeling as if I had been run over […]