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January 29th, 2011 | Asia

Charging into Sharjah…

Time, in the greater scheme of things, was running out for me… While checking through my documents, I suddenly realised that my Indian visa expired on the 19th of February… That was less than three weeks away…!! I had never intended to spend much time in India anyway, as I had heard that if the […]

January 27th, 2011 | Asia

Muscat’s a Must…!!

After an early breakfast served in the inner courtyard of the hotel, I was ready to explore Muscat… With a full itinerary of sights to see in this the capital city of Oman, I was up and on the bike before many of the other guests started their day… The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque on […]

January 25th, 2011 | Asia

Nizwa to Muscat…

By morning the river had subsided, the flash flood that raced through Nizwa, a thing of the past… The manager told me that it was unlikely to happen again until next year… “You have witnessed an unusual thing, my friend…!!” “And Insh’allah, my bike was not touched….!!” He smiled broadly at my comment… “Yes,” he […]

January 23rd, 2011 | Asia

Man O’ Man, Oman’s All Good…!!

There is much to say about Oman…!! It is far and away the best country I have visited in the Gulf…!! And for so many reasons… Had it not been for the loud ticking of the “GBWT clock” in my head, I could have stayed a few weeks, rather than the five days that I […]