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March 8th, 2012 | Brazil

My Mind Wanders… (Limeira to Campo Mourao…)

We made another long ride today, covering 670 km to get as close to Foz Iguazu as possible before the weekend… After yesterday’s great ride through mountains and the south-central highlands of Brazil, I had hoped we would have more of the same today… Instead, all we saw was massive fields of sugar cane and […]

March 7th, 2012 | Brazil

We’re on Our Way to Paraguay…!!

We took the route we have planned from Rio de Janeiro to Foz Iguazu, by the scruff of the neck today, and covered 735 km in ten hours… In a day and a half, we will be at the Paraguay border, and will spend some time at Iguazu Falls, seeing it from both the Brazilian […]