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March 28th, 2012 | Bolivia

Days in La (s)Paz….

The traffic from the day before, the cold weather; coupled with the flu I was battling, did not make for a pleasant entry into La Paz… The cold weather and high altitude, as well as daily rain showers while I was there, did nothing to improve my impression of the city…!! The cops were up […]

January 25th, 2012 | Argentina

Chatting With the “Troops” and a VERY Big Day at the Office….!!

After eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, I was ready to ride again… By 6.00 am I had the Big Fella loaded and parked outside the front door of the hotel… I had to wait for the kitchen staff to get their day started, so that I could at least have a few cups of coffee […]

April 30th, 2010 | Africa

The “K. to K.” Run…(Kampala to Kigali)

The rain that I had been warned about came down in buckets on Thursday, and when I looked out of my window, the parts of Kampala that I could see, were awash with water… I decided to put my ride to Rwanda off for the day, and rather get an early start on Friday… I […]

April 27th, 2010 | Africa

Changing Hemispheres…

Yep!! This posting comes to you from the Northern Hemisphere! Today’s Crossing of the Equator was a non-event I’m afraid… After passing through the village aptly named “Equator”, I checked my GPS to find that I was still a few points south of the fabled 0’ 00’’.000’’’ mark, and slowed down expecting to see a […]

April 10th, 2010 | Africa

Karonga on the Lake…

While the house still slumbered, I quietly carried all my kit through to the garage where Big Fella stood waiting… Getting tyres tied on properly was my main concern. I opted to hang them off the Top-box, and tied them down with two bungi cords, as well as a pair of tie-down straps. I was […]

April 1st, 2010 | Africa

Three countries in a day… Part 1.

I rolled out of Harare at 6.30am and headed north-east on the A2. Traffic was light and I made good time, hoping to get to the border by 9.00am, as I had about 800 kms to ride today… To the east of the capital I passed many farms, where crops such as cotton, maize, millet […]