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May 13th, 2010 | Africa

Getting Sorted in Nairobi…

It has hardly stopped raining since I arrived back in Nairobi… The roads are flooded, traffic is a nightmare and accidents are commonplace… Cars are forced to avoid water-filled potholes, and in doing so, usually end up stuck in a ditch or cause mayhem by driving on the wrong side of the road… On my […]

May 12th, 2010 | Africa

Eldoret and on to Nairobi…

I was back on the nasty roads of western Kenya…with their corrugations, potholes, and heavy traffic heading for Uganda and the Congo… It was only 140 km to Eldoret, and I decided that although I could push through on to Nakuru, I would rather ride this section of the A104 carefully… If anything, the rains […]

May 10th, 2010 | Africa

The Moneychanger…

Traveling on your own can obviously be a lonely exercise… It is made easier by meeting people who are friendly and who want to assist you where they can… Sure, there are those who are only out to take advantage of you, and being able to identify them quickly, is a skill you need to […]

May 8th, 2010 | Africa

Images of Burundi…

I did not get to see too much of Burundi, but I have a few images to remind me of my short stay there… Jimmy, one of the shift managers at the hotel, went out of his way to help me… If you’re ever in Bujumbura, and need a comfortable and well priced place to […]

May 5th, 2010 | Africa

Rejoicing in Rwanda…!

The ride from Bujumbura to Kigali went off without much ado, except for all the citizens of every village being out in full force, waving election banners representing the various parties they supported… Each village seemed to favour a different party, and at the border I was told that there are over 40 separate parties […]

May 4th, 2010 | Africa

The Road to Burundi…

With only 280 kms to ride today, I could afford to take my time… I had seen a Burundi registered car parked next to the bike, and I sought out the owner, Olivier, who not only advised me where I should try to stay, but also explained what the exchange rate was and how long […]