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XKULCHA – Extreme Lifestyle Apparel, Johannesburg, South Africa

“XKULCHA, is a lifestyle specific clothing range that finds it’s inspiration and market in the extreme sports and leisure activities that are an integral part of the urban living experience of the in the 21st century….”

With an opening line like this on the Xkulcha website, who could resist browsing further to see exactly what it is that Xkulcha offers bikers. It is easy to see that much thought has gone into the design of both the men’s and ladies ranges of clothing, and each has been specifically tailored for maximum comfort and safety.

Having met Preston van Wyk, founder of Xkulcha, and seen first hand his vision and passion for the product lines he has launched in the past, and the enthusiasm with which he speaks about the products he continues to develop for the future, I can attest to the fact that Xkulcha is going places !! On any road or surface you choose to ride on, check out their website before you make your final choice of protective gear ! I did just that, and will be riding in Xkulcha gear on my Round the World tour….


GPS 4 Africa, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

GPS 4 Africa is a supplier of a variety of top quality biking accessories. Pauli Massyn stocks and installs GPS systems, bike communication systems, and is a recognized distributor for a host of well established manufacturers of all you’ll ever need to get your bike kitted out to get your adventures started. He is a very knowledgeable individual, and has assisted me with the final preparation of my bike. He has a fully equipped workshop, from where he he is able to fit any of the accessories that he is agent for. Pauli has a solid reputation for not only the quality of the products he supplies, but also for his attention to detail. I would recommend that before you begin spending both time and effort on kitting your bike out, you make contact with Pauli Massyn !! For more details on exactly what GPS 4 Africa can do for you, you can view their website here…


WorldRider Productions, Newport Beach, California

WorldRider LogoWorldRider Productions and Publishing Company is a marketing consulting, travel management and video and online production company. Allan Karl finished his three year around the world odyssey in September 2008. We met and rode together for an unforgettable few weeks, through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania. I visited with Allan and WorldRider productions in Spring 2009 where he helped and inspired me to plan for my 2010-2012 journey. WorldRider is providing hosting for this blog and technical support, design and functionality.

Allan is principal of clearcloud ctc, a branding and marketing consulting firm headquartered in Newport Beach, California USA. He also is a keynote speaker and shares stories and lessons from his around the world motorcycle tour to audiences of all kinds — all over the world. More on his speaking can be found here.


Caberg Helm S.A., Centurion, South Africa

Caberg Helmets are manufactured in Italy, by Helm International SPA, and distributed in South Africa by Caberg Helm SA. A wide range of helmets is available to sort the biker’s every need, whether it be for commuting to work, or undertaking some long distance touring, and everything in between !

Managing Member, Marius Wannenburg and I met recently to discuss the possibility of my using this extremely important piece of equipment during my World Tour. I was immediately impressed with the design and safety standards to which this brand of helmets has been built. I have no reservations in recommending this helmet, and in particular the Justissimo GT, to any fellow biker, intent of ensuring that not only are fully protected from serious injury, but can ride in comfort and style as well !

I chose to use the Justissimo GT flip-up helmet, due to the fact that I would be taking my helmet off on a regular basis when encountering members of the public with whom I would want to interact, or just ask directions from. By having a flip-up helmet, there is no need to remove the helmet, but by flipping the front section up, my face is fully exposed to whomever I am addressing.

The built in sun visor also means that I no longer have the hassle of wearing sunglasses either !

You can visit the Caberg website for more information here…

Marius Wannenburg also supplies other biking accessories through a separate entity called Bike Zone. Items such as Blue-tooth communication systems, bike mounted cameras and many more. To view these products, visit Bike Zone on their website here…

The Caberg Justissimo GT.


MDS VisapakJohannesburg, South Africa

When I needed a reliable company to assist me with obtaining the visas I required for the African leg of my journey, I turned to MDS Visapak. Their services came highly recommended and their team of experienced personnel went about the task of getting the 9 visas I required, in just three weeks. They also assisted with the translation of my passport into Arabic, in order to procure my Libyan visa, amongst others.  They specialize in reliable and cost effective courier services throughout South Africa. With staff numbering in excess of 300 and more than 250 vehicles on the road, you can be sure your courier needs are well covered by MDS. For a more detailed list of their services, as well as their representative offices in all the major centres in South Africa, you can visit their website here…

I found the team of Ronnie, Nora and Miriam in Pretoria, a pleasure to deal with, and as efficient as I could have hoped for.