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March 7th, 2012 | Brazil

We’re on Our Way to Paraguay…!!

We took the route we have planned from Rio de Janeiro to Foz Iguazu, by the scruff of the neck today, and covered 735 km in ten hours…

Leaving Rio... After three days, we had seen just about everything we wanted to, and were more than ready to hit the road again...

Highway into the Highlands... The roads we rode on today were superb...!! Long sweeping bends and tight twisting corners all thrown together to keep us focused...!!

Each time we stopped, we came up with new sentences that included the names of the second and third towns on this signpost...

We pushed hard all day, hoping to get to Limeira before dark, but as the shadows lengthened, we knew we would not quite make it...

In a day and a half, we will be at the Paraguay border, and will spend some time at Iguazu Falls, seeing it from both the Brazilian and Argentinian side…

Then skip over to Paraguay for the ride to Asuncion…

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself again, aren’t I..??

You’ll be wanting to know all about Rio, I presume…!!

Even the part where I was robbed by a little bastard on a bicycle…??

Despite this little incident, I am happy to report that Roger and I managed to get out of the city without being murdered even once…!!

Although we thought that the prices we had to pay for some things just about amounted to “murder”…!!

With 30 km to go to Limeira, the sun began packing up it's things and started to dip below the horizon...

But not before I managed to get a few photos on the fly... Not easy when you're in the grips of twilight and have trucks to dodge...!!

Tomorrow we will “break the back” of our ride to Paraguay, by getting as close to Iguazu Falls as we can, and then cruise into the town of Foz Iguazu early the following morning… We have plans to make and things to see…!!

In the mean time, I am adding more photos of our ride from Uruguay into Brazil… Scroll down to see these…!!


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