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March 23rd, 2012 | Argentina


My “Two day Ride to Salta”  has now been updated…. Click here to check it out…

I am on the Peruvian border, heading for La Paz in Bolivia… How the hell did I get here…??

It’s a long story, filled with heartache, despair, pain and misery…!! Ha….!! No, not really…!! Things are good with us…!!

All will be revealed tomorrow, when I publish the post: “Africa, but without the F…”


Arica, Chile.

1 comment to Update…

  • Trevor Reeve

    Good on you GB, keep slugging it out there and keep the dream alive for all of us wannabes, my hero as always and often on my mind!!! BTW maybe check the mechanical mechanism where the clutch engages at the rear clutch/gearbox cover, the mechanical part may be faulty and not engaging your clutch properly? I once had a similar problem a few years back on a car, car you say? The boxer dry clutch is just like a cars, right? I’m still with you every step of your merry way, you rock on Brutha!

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