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January 15th, 2012 | Argentina

Let the record reflect….

…that at 8.15 pm, today the 15th of January 2012, a determined man, and his eager machine, reached “Fin del Mundo”, The End of the World…!!


Yet another dream realised, another milestone reached on the Gypsy Biker World Tour…!!

We've made it...!! The Gypsy Biker and the Big Fella, a proud moment for both...!!

This one will be remembered for the adverse weather conditions we faced today, the new friends I made; Carl from Virgina, U.S.A., and Roberto from Mexico, whose bike broke down at the Chilean border, and had to be taken back to Punta Arenas…

He was just 303 km from the end of his journey which began in Mexico… I hope he gets his Dakar F650 sorted soon and makes another attempt to get to Ushuaia… You can’t turn back now, Roberto…!!

I too faced mechanical problems… My rear shock burst it’s seals, and the puncture we repaired last week came back to haunt me…

The day was also tinged with tragedy… Carl and I came upon  an accident that had happened perhaps an hour before we got there… The ambulances had passed us only minutes before, riding slowly towards us on the 150 km of gravel road that runs from Pornevir in Chile, to San Sebastian in Argentina…

The Patagonian ripio had claimed two more lives today…

It’s been a day to remember…


Ushuaia, Argentina.


18 comments to Let the record reflect….

  • Tibor

    Don Ronaldo,
    felicitaciones al éxito sin precedentes!
    A partir de ahora hacia el norte a la bahía de Prudhoe!

  • Kim

    You’ve been to the “top of the world” now “the end of the world” – hell it’s gonna be difficult to get your grand-babies to listern to “the 3 little pigs”…..
    You keep us alive here in SA!!

    BIG kisses, as always

  • Paula

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! another great milestone has been achieved.

  • Trevor Reeve

    Very Well Done!!! Congratulations GB, we are all very proud of you! You certainly have by now seriously proved your Mettle! I trully am hugely impressed! Enjoy the celebrations, have one for me; ok! Fond Regards!!!

  • Trev

    Congrats Ronnie You will be a tough act to follow next year. Now turn that big fella around and get your arse up here, Alaska is waiting. But wait a minute I am still working on the guest bed room for you.
    Wish we were with you to celebrate.
    Trev , Chenty and Big Red
    PS its snowing up here.

  • patricia

    Well Done you Sexy Beast ! Missing you fiercely, but rooting for you ALWAYS…. Caribbean Breeze is calling …can ya hear it????

  • Sure can….!! It’s roaring in my ears…!! Soon…..very soon…!! R.

  • Muchas gracias senhor Tibor…!! Be turning around and heading north shortly…. Just a few repairs to do to my war-horse first…!! Your ribbon also reached the End of the World safely… Now for that other part…!! R.

  • Well get the bloody thing finished now Trevor…!! Tomorrow I begin heading in your direction finally….well sort of… A few zig-zags before I get there…!! Wish you were here too… We wouldn’t be mixing Fanta Orange with our beers either…!! Love to you and Chenty… Big Fella sends a happy growl to Big Red…!! R.

  • Mark Behr

    Amazing achievement. Really glad to see this milestone achieved. Take nothing for granted, count your blessings and go carefully on your way. Very excited that you have made such great progress!

  • Meerkat

    “Fin del Mundo”, Alles klaar,well done Ron keep up the GB name.

  • Congratulations on your memorable journey. Another highlight and so many to date. It’s all downhill from now on of sorts.

    Brsibane, Aust.

  • Vince

    Congrats GB and TBF!!!

  • Charmz

    “Boetie” you are a super star in all our eyes. Well done, what an amazing achievement. Mom, Dad and I are so proud of what you have accomplished on this World Trip. We love and miss you madly but we also want you to finish this up there in Alaska with Trevor and Chenty as planned. You have gone great guns these past two years and this the third can only get better. Remember your sweetheart will be waiting for you as well. Give Big Fella a huge grizzly hug from all of us back home. Make sure you fix him up as good as new. Take care of your left elbow and all your aches and pains too.
    Be safe and God be with you always.
    Love Mom, Dad and Charmz

  • Will van Niekerk

    Ronnie, great job. I’ve been following your “little trip” for some time now and its a great read. The last few weeks were superb and I am happy you made it all the way down there without a major hick-up. Keep going and best of luck.

  • Kim

    When Patricia wrote “Well Done you Sexy Beast !”, she was talking to the Big Fella….

  • Trevor Reeve

    HA HA HA!!! Good one Kim! Hey careful now, Gigi might get jealous! LOL! Go GB!

  • Kim…!!! I knew that….!! I’m not a beast…!! Ha…!! R.

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