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October 10th, 2012 | North America

Filling in the Gaps…!!

After settling in here in paradise, I am finally in the right frame of mind to try and recount the rides we made from Vancouver to Alaska and back…

I have to do this over the next few weeks, as I will be back on the road again by early November, riding the southern states all the way down to Florida… So… “Lookout y’all…!! The Gypsy Biker is coming your way…!!”

I have published the short post in the date order that it occurred… Click on the link below to check it out…

Most of the posts I will publish on the trip will be more of a photo essay than anything else, as my memory on some of the finer details is a little sketchy… I am sure Trevor, Chenty and Mark will want to remind me of a few incidents that I would rather leave out…!!

“Into Canada… 101 and it’s all done…!!”

“Island BMW:  The Big Fella is “a little tired…!!”

“Salt Spring Island…”

“Setting off for Alaska…”

“Reunion at 100 Mile House…”

“The Ride to Smithers…”

“Let’s get Hyderized…!!”

“Dease Lake to Whitehorse…”

“Tok, Alaska…”

“Tip-Toeing to Coldfoot…”

Valdez and Back to Tok…”

“Chicken and The Highway on Top of the World…”

“Dawson City to Whitehorse…”

“To Liard Hot Springs…and Camping…!”

“To Dawson Creek…”

“The Glacier Parkway…”

“The Sudan Connection…!!”

“Cochrane Days…”

“Cody to Keystone….”

“South Dakota and Into Nebraska…”

And that I think, will just about cover it….!!

Each time I upload a new post, I will change the date so this one appears at the top of the “Home” page… Look out for the posts that are highlighted in red…


Kicking back on the Cay…

9 comments to Filling in the Gaps…!!

  • Trev

    Are you nuts thats just about a Blog for every day Just say we had FUN and put some pics up that will do 🙂

  • Charmz

    Hey Trev, you stay out of this…lol
    We are looking forward to all the comings and goings that you lot got up to. We will all wait with baited breath until you get your head and your fingers hitting the keyboard. Take it easy Bro, and be safe.
    Love and miss you….counting the sleeps!

  • Actually, I like Trevor’s idea much better…!! Besides, I have some other things to attend to over the next few weeks….!! R

  • Trevor Reeve

    No prob GB LOL! In fact, generally you are very good at keeping us all up to date and we appreciate that fact, so thank you! I guess however, I’ll have to buy your book one day to find out what you got up to at Tassie LOL! Rock on Bru, I hope to meet you in person when you finally get back to Centurion.

  • When you write about South Dakota and Sturgis, don’t forget to mention how silly it is. I’m glad we got a chance to BS in Sturgis, you’re interesting to talk with. I still think you are the best advertising that BMW could dream of and they should be compensating you by throwing truck loads of money at you.

  • Doug McIllwain

    Hello Ronnie. Been following your journey since you started posting. Was hoping to get a chance to meet you when you got to my part of the world (Pennsylvania), but weren’t sure how quick you would blow through. However, it now looks like you’re going to have a bit of an extended stay in the New York area. I realize you are extremely busy planning/executing everything right now, but do you think you might be able to set up a very informal meet & greet at a local pub for your fans in the area? Thank you for your blog. Congratulations on your wedding and continued safe travel. Doug

  • Hi Dennis…!! Great chatting to you in Sturgis, and I hope BMW gets your message…!! I could do with a few spare parts after my “little incident” in Alaska..!! Take care and hope our paths cross again one day…!! R.
    P.S. Visit Dennis’s website: to check out the brilliant paint jobs he has done on motorcycles for many years…

  • Hi Doug… Thank you for the invite and I will be in touch to work out a date with you…!! Maybe between the 8th and 12th of Sep…?? Look forward to meeting you… R.

  • Doug McIllwain

    Any day/time between the 8th and 12th would be fine. Will keep the dates open till I hear from you. Doug

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