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June 20th, 2012 | Mexico

By now, you know how this works…!!

Having recently had little time, and with vision usually too blurred to write, I have not been able to keep up to date with my scribblings…!!

Now that I am safely ensconced in the peace and quiet of Patricia’s apartment on Parrot Cay, I can once again turn my attention to updating my “Journal of a Journey”…

I will be using this post to update the many others that I still need to write and publish…

Over the next week or so, I will highlight the posts I have completed, and link the titles to the stories on my website…

Here are the provisional titles of stories I intend to write:

“The Ride to Mexico City…”

“The Pyramids of Teotihuacan…!!”

“Marvelous Morelia…”

“To Guadalajara and More Manosos…”


“Chico…!! Give dis man a gon…!!”

“More Media in Mazatlan…!!”

“Los Mochis and the Baja Bikers…”

“The Juaria of Hermosillo…”

Barking with the “Dogs” of Hermosillo, the Juaria Bikers… A great bunch of guys…!!

“Hot Ride to One Hundred” (Update)

“Upbeat in the U.S. of A. …”

And that should just about do it, methinks….!!

GB in PC, BWI.

2 comments to By now, you know how this works…!!

  • Michelle

    Hi Ronnie,
    Just saying hi and so happy to see how far you have taken your adventure.
    Think of you often
    Lots of love
    John, Michelle and Girls from Perth.

  • Trevor Hayes

    Reading from the start of your trip. Remember Keetmanshoop garage? about BMW, “Ja… !” said another.. “It stands for Bring My Wallet…!”

    “Nay, man…” said yet another, “It’s Bob Marley’s Wagon…!!” Then the first one again, “Or… Bury Me Wednesday…!!”…

    There’s another one “Bankrot Maar Windgat”

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