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May 14th, 2012 | Belize

Belting thru Belize…

Made a 700 km, ten-hour ride from Flores Island in Guatemala, through Belize, and into Mexico…!! I arrived in Playa del Carmen just before sunset, and had a happy reunion with Roberto Martinez, who I had last seen in Buenos Aires in February…

Last ride through Central America, and into Mexico... It has taken just five rides to travel from Panama City to Playa del Carmen, a total distance of 3 215 km...

Mexico is the 99th country on my World Tour…!! I am still digesting this bit of information myself…!! I also think it is rather fitting that the USA will be the 100th country I visit to achieve my goal of 100 countries or more on my journey…!!

Until I write about my ride today, here are a few photos to keep you interested…!!

Between Flores Island and the Belize border, there was a few short stretches of hard-packed gravel roads to deal with....

On entering Belize, the Big Fella received another fumigation....

Belize turned out to be as boring and mostly unfriendly as people had said it would be...

This simple message was painted on a wall near Hattievale...

Wet to the bone, after being caught in the mother of all rainstorms just before Belmopan...

Welcome to Mexico, and a $500.00 fee for entering...!!

"No fear, Amigo...!!"

Having "lost" and hour with the changing of the clocks when I entered Mexico, I still had a way to go to get up to where Patricia would be meeting me...

"Viva Mexico...!!" The 99th country on my World Tour....!!

My final destination barely an hour away, and a wide highway to crank the speed up on....

And there to meet me was my good friend, Roberto Martinez, whom I had made the ride across Terra del Fuego, in Chile with....!!

We may have stopped here to ask about directions.... But I can't be sure....!!


Playa del Carmen, Mexico.



10 comments to Belting thru Belize…

  • Mark Behr

    And there you go – 100 countries just a short ride away 🙂
    I hope you find Patrica well and that you get to spend a few days together before your final assault on the USA.

  • Paula

    Congratulations on #99, enjoy the days together with Patricia, gathering strength to take on #100, the Great Big USA! 🙂

  • Ollie

    Have a proper tequila on me Ronnie. Congratulations on your achievements so far.

  • Tarzan

    Ja,ja,ja….!! I see you found the legendary ‘Hattieville’ casa de puta….!! Biker discounts on offer…..!!
    Not much action these days since the former British regiment has returned to barracks……

  • Just one, Ollie….?? I was going to have one for every year you have been on Lion Sands….at least…!! Be singing your favourite song…
    “One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, four…
    Five Tequila, Six Tequila, Seven Tequila, Floor….”

  • Ah… Biker discounts….!! Now you tell me…!! R.

  • Mark…!! A “short ride away” you say…!! A mere 4 500 km by my reckoning…!! And about three weeks of hot and sweaty biking…!! R.

  • Thanks Paula…!! Yes, it’s going to be a long old haul to Alaska…!! Apparently Tequila gives you strength…!! Be taking regular doses before I cross into the USA…!! R.

  • Charmz

    WOW, what an achievement my BIG brother, we are all so proud of you here back home in good old South Africa. You nearly at that 100 mark! Hurry up now and get your “ass” home. Its been way too long now. Enjoy your time with Patricia and be careful of that liquid called Tequila….it has teeth and can bite you very quickly when you least expect it to.
    Take it easy Amigo,
    Love and miss you madly,
    Dad, Mom and Charmz xxx

  • Thanks Sis…!! Who would have thought it, huh…?? I’ll be “hurrying” as best I can to get my skinny ass home as soon as possible… “Just” 30 000 km to go…!! Love to all back home… R.

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