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September 27th, 2010 | Bosnia

Exit Croatia, enter Bosnia…!!

Still riding…. But no longer alone…!!

I’ve hooked up with a fellow GS rider, William Hoover of the U.S. of A. … He  is riding from Barcelona to the southern coast of Turkey…

As mad a hatter as the last American I rode with, Allan Karl…

We  met on the coastal road in Croatia this morning, and decided to ride together until Bulgaria… We are both heading for Istanbul, but with slightly different agendas…

We rode to Sarajevo, and stayed in the village where the Winter Olympics were held 26 years ago…

Then we got slightly lost in Bosnia, riding through the most amazing range of mountains and through the boondocks of south eastern Bosnia Herzegovina until we eventually found our way into Montenegro… More about that later…

This is the first time in over 200 days that I have found someone to ride a part of my journey with me… It has taken a few adjustments on my part to get used to riding with another biker…!!

Later, Dudes…

4 comments to Exit Croatia, enter Bosnia…!!

  • Kim

    Yeah-ha!!!! I am so glad that you have found a buddy…welcome aboard William. “Mad as a hatter” you mentioned Ronnie, were you talking about William or yourself??
    Enjoy the company.
    BIG kisses

  • Charmz

    So glad that you and William are riding together. It’s about time you had some biker company. Enjoy and stay out of mischief you two!!!!! This little adventure could be very entertaining with two crazy guys together.
    Love and miss you,
    Mom, Dad and me xxx

  • Mark Behr

    Agree with Kim – who were you referring to ? 🙂
    Enjoy the company !

  • Habit

    It was real pleasure meeting Ronnie and William today in Skopje …
    wish you all the best guys…

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