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May 11th, 2012 | Central America

Ticking off Tikal…!!

So…. What have you guys done today…??

I spent the morning rambling around the Mayan ruins of Tikal in the jungles of Guatemala… As you do on a Friday…!!

Early morning on the road to Tikal National Park... It was a 70 km ride from Flores Island....

Entry to the park... From here it's another 17 km to the visitors centre where you begin your "trek"...!!

Temple of the Masks... The first temple you see as you enter the Gran Plaza... Awesome...!!

Easier said than done...!! I have a squadron of mosquitoes trying to carry me away...!!"

From atop the highest temple in the complex, Temple IV, you can see other temples rising up from the surrounding jungle....

The "I was there...!!" shot... In the background is Temple I, known as The Great Jaguar...

From the wet patches on my T-shirt in the photo above, you might be led to assume that it was hot…!! You’d be dead right…!!

More on my visit to Tikal later, first I need to stand under a cold shower for a while, or take a leap into the Lake Peten Itza across the road….as you sometimes do on a Friday…!!


Flores Island, Guatemala.


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