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May 1st, 2012 | Central America

Did I say I was in Panama…??

That was this morning….!! After a long, hot, and later, very wet ride, I am now in Costa Rica…!!

Took Panama by the scruff of the neck today, gave it a good 480 km shake, and then left it in much the same state as I had found it…!! Not all that interesting…!!

Except for a little incident that happened just outside Panama City last night…!!

This morning’s newspapers were filled with what  by South African standards, would go down as a minor incident involving gangsters who were hard of hearing…!!

Tsk, tsk...!! A very bad dose of lead poisoning....!! But I see you can get a new scooter for just $1 475.00... That's not a bad deal...!!

Crossed the border after a long wait for insurance, and after about 50 km, ran into a rain storm that had me curbing my enthusiasm to chew up more miles, and instead sent me searching for a hotel to take shelter in…

A hotel with the name : El Gran Impala, would you believe…!! Fate or just co-incidence…??

More on my ride today at some future date….!!


Rio Claro, Costa Rica

1 comment to Did I say I was in Panama…??

  • Charmz

    Moving on steadily I see, you not playing around…
    Staying out of the rain is a good idea, you and flu don’t get on too well.

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