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February 10th, 2012 | Caribbean

Return from Blue Horizon…

After an amazing three days on Middle Caicos, we are back on Parrot Cay…

Our short time away was blissful to say the least…

Our cottage at Blue Horizons...

We could not have wished for better to enjoy our stay in...

We spent time on the beach; collected shells; swam in crystal clear waters where we were occasionally “buzzed” by curious Barracuda…

We hiked along rocky shorelines to other distant and deserted beaches; did some early morning yoga on the clifftop overlooking the beautiful bay and secluded beach at Blue Horizon…

We sipped champagne while witnessing gorgeous sunsets and also  watched the full moon rising; were lucky enough to see Humpback Whales breaching in the deep water just off shore…

We enjoyed simple home-cooked meals with the few groceries we took with us, or were able to buy on this very sparsely populated island… We spent a somewhat bizarre evening as the only customers in a little beach restaurant a few miles from where we stayed…

Early morning at Mudjin Cove with Dragon Cay in the background... Our own piece of heaven...

Seashells, seashells on the sea shore...

Caribbean Sunset...

And then there was a message written in the sand on a deserted beach, that Patricia said “Yes…!!” to…!!

Message in the sand on a deserted shore...

After all the excitement of the last few days, I am now back at the keyboard, and have posted:

“The Ride to Rio Gallegos…” Click here…

I am off to a Pranayama Meditation Class now, and will be back to work on…

“A “Warrior” Celebrates…” – extracts from the book written by Paulo Coelho which are making waves in my mind right now… Click here…

“Commodoro Rivadavia…” Posted… Read about it here…

“Chatting to the Troops and a VERY Long Day at the Office…” Posted… Here’s the link…!!

“Hola, Buenos Aires…!!”

Later Amigos…!!


Parrot Cay

12 comments to Return from Blue Horizon…

  • Your future sister-in-law is green with envy, those beaches, that water!!! The shells, O My! How can I rent that little bungalow on Middle Caicos- forever???
    Seriously man, you have put in your time on the road, Ronno, glad you two are having a much deserved reunion! XOXOXOX

  • Ronnie I knew you would read one of his books one day, remember I tried to get you to read the Alchemist on the trip, I love his work, all his books are great! The Alchemist is set in morroco. I just ordered The Warrior.
    Your life sounds dreamy and magical, Trev and I really miss that life, all too soon routine sets in back here and then your magical self seems to drift further away from you.
    Oh well not for long, it wont be too long and we will be back on the road again.
    You really must think about writing a book, I have a publisher and an editor and its amazing how fast it grows, I expect you have enough from your blog for you book already and to be able to finish off with a romantic love affair at the end when you started out with a broken heart, that will get lots of readers buying your book. Oh and maybe even it could be made into a movie.
    miss yah

  • Charmz

    What a stunning place you two have found. It looks absolutely amazing. I even spotted a rare pansy shell amongst your collection. Enjoy your precious time together. We love and miss you very much. Hope to catch up soon on skype.

  • Hiya MiMi…!! Great to hear from you…!! Yes, Patti and I have been apart for too long, it’s wonderful to be here with her again…!! Looking forward to the day when you can drop the “future” from your title…!! Ha…!! Take care and all the best to both you and my soon-to-be, “fellow-interloper”… R.

  • Chenty, you will both see that the “Warrior” lives in us…!! Tell Trev to keep his reading glasses handy…!! Will be looking for a copy of the Alchemist for sure…!! Hold on to the magic, never let go… One of the many things you showed me…
    It won’t be too long before we ride together again, I am so looking forward to it…!! We may have a small “posse” with us !! I have had quite a few folk wanting to hook up with me and ride to Dead Horse with us…
    The “romantic love affair” continues apace… Wonderful time in my life right now…!! There MIGHT just be a book in all of this…!! Ha…!! Will you be my editor…??
    Love to you both, miss you madly…!!

  • Mark Behr

    Very happy that you will marry soon – what a celebration. We had one this last weekend – see my Facebook for a few pics.
    Love to your lovely lady and congratulations to you my friend.

  • I’m happy Ronnie that you have someone in your life that loves you so much, you deserve it buddy and I’m proud of you for opening your heart again to let Patti in. What a romance story cant wait to do a speech at your wedding… New York in September we will be renting a GSA of course…

    Trev says he knows about the posse possibility, lots of guys want to come to Alaska with us too.


  • Kim

    Hey, hey, hey…. They don’t call February the “month of love”, for nothing!!!! Chental hit the nail on the head – started off with – “Taking back your heart” to ending with “Willingly giving your heart”!!!! I think the title of your book should be “Heart Evolution”

    BIG kisses

  • Wojtek Gapinski

    Congratulations! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Wojtek & Kasia from Cracow!

  • Wojtek…!!
    How goes it in Poland…?? Has Kasia come to grips with riding her own bike yet…?? My good friend Dariusz Oskroba (the baking magnate of Poland) is right behind me, on his way up to Buenos Aires…!! I hope he isn’t carrying any of that Polish Vodka with him…!!
    All the best to you both, and take care on the roads…!!

  • Thank you so much Chenty…!! Look forward to seeing you in New Jersey in the fall… As in “all fall down“…!! Ha…!!
    RENTING…!! Are there no roads between Saltspring and New Jersey then…?? I thought Trev and I could wear our much traveled Rally-Pro suits to the shindig…!!
    Love ya,

  • Kimmie…!!
    How the hell are you Girl…??
    February is a special month for sure…!! September is going to be a pretty good one too…!! And then October will see me cracking the Champagne in JHB with all the folk who have given me so much support…!!
    Can’t wait…!!
    Take care,

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