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June 15th, 2012 | Caribbean

Back to Paradise…!!

Victory BMW, Phoenix Arizona, where Justin Kurtenback will be administering some TLC to the Big Fella over the next week or so...

After a fast ride from Tucson, I spent a rather hectic day in Phoenix, Arizona, handing the Big Fella over to the guys at Victory BMW, who will spend the next week ensuring that he is made ready for the final 20 000 km of my ride through North America…

I then spent a frustrating hour at a Radio Shack outlet, trying to get myself hooked up with the American telecom system, and later rode around looking for a place where I could buy some decent luggage…

I briefly considered purchasing this T-shirt, but thought better of it considering my plans for the future...!! I did not want to add a "black-eye" to my many other aches and pains...!!

My gear is being stowed away at a friend of Patricia’s, Mary Pacini, who collected me from BMW and took me to her home, where after a quick swim, I was able to sort through my kit, and have a great home-cooked meal, before being dropped off at the airport to begin my flights to Provodenciales in the Turks & Caicos Islands…

I arrived here late yesterday afternoon, having been awake for the best part of 36 hours, and feeling a little more dead than alive…!!

I have been riding for seven straight days since leaving Morelia in central Mexico on the 7th of June…!!

During this time I have covered over 3 000 km in searing heat, and my rides have been made difficult and tiring not only by the temperatures I have ridden in, but by the fact that I generally had less than four hours of sleep each night…!!

Mexican hospitality is to blame…!!

I am nursing a variety of aches and pains, and am looking forward to the next week or so, where I will spend my time relaxing in the company of my gorgeous WTB, and planning the last ten weeks of my North American ride…

Leaving Provo on "Parrot 1", and heading towards Parrot Cay, where some well-earned R & R awaited me...!!

I will also publish the posts that will describe my last week in Mexico and the wonderful people I have met during this time…

But right now, I need to answer the loud calls of the Sandman…


Turks & Caicos, British West Indies.

3 comments to Back to Paradise…!!

  • Mark Behr

    Glad you are getting a bit of time with your WTB before your final assault on the USA. Have a great week.

  • Paula

    Ronnie, enjoy your well-deserved R&R and I’m sure with Patricia’s help you will work out all those aches and pains. You are going to need all your reserves to complete the trip north up to Alaska before the weather compels you to turn back south again… We look forward to ‘joining’ you through country #100!

  • Thanks Paula… It should be a “blast”… The Big Fella blasting north and me hanging on for dear life…!! R.

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