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December 26th, 2011 | Australasia

Front to Back…!!

I am spending the “down time” while waiting to ship the bike to South America, by catching up on a few posts I have meant to publish…

Some of them are no longer on the “Home” page, because they occurred on dates that preceded the last five posts that are automatically loaded when visitors log on…

To read these posts, or see the additional photos I have downloaded on others, click on the links below…

I have added photos to Things Fall Apart

Posted:  The Long and Hard Way to Townsville

Text and photos added to Forbes to Melbourne…. Finally all over in Oz…?? 

Completed:  South to Forbes – Another 1000 km Ride…!!

Text and photos added to Australia: The High Cost of Leaving…!!

Big Fella gets some TLC at  Motorline BMW, Brisbane…

The post  All Over Down Under has been updated and photos added…

GB in Auckland


5 comments to Front to Back…!!

  • Brandt

    I see NZ had some earth quakes, scary stuff.

  • Geoff

    Christchurch had a couple of shakes earlier today. Has only effected Christchurch city area. Come on over and check out some NZ hospitality and beer I would welll imagine. Enjoyed the updates Ronnie.

  • Hiya Geoff…!! Yeah, I tend to have that effect on the countries I visit…!! Bali and East Timor had earthquakes on the days I left there, New Zealand on the day I arrived…!! The earth keeps moving for me…!! R.

  • Ronnie,

    I am really enjoying your blog a lot. When you decide to sell that bike of yours I have $2000.oo readly for you, just come on up to the USA and we can work out the arrangements! 😉

    Hey I would really like to talk with you about The Muskoka Foundation. I think it might be something you would be into. Can you shoot me an e-mail via ?

    Thanks a lot, Don’t worry we do not sell anything or anything like that, just an organization built by RTW folk for RTW folk. Feel free to check out the web page before you write if you like.


  • Hi Brian,
    Will get back to you soonest… Have to get on my bike and ride to Ushuaia, but will drop you a mail in the next few days…. Thanks for the interest shown, much appreciated….!! R.

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