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February 13th, 2011 | Asia

On to Agra…

This old fort can be viewed while you have your breakfast at the hotel...

"Isn't he on the wrong side of the road...??"... "Yeah, but he's bigger than we are, so he has the right of way no matter what...!! This is India, remember...!!"...

The guy on the back figured that this would be quicker...!!

Will South African Toll Gate operators please sit up and take notice...!! Two-wheelers are free...!!

Cow Chip Cookies anyone...??

We were heading in the right direction... By taking a left that is...!!

Once we had the cover on, the crowd dispersed...!!

This colourful package contains a bottle of water and your shoe covers, and is included in the price of the visit to the Taj Mahal...

For 1000 Rupees (R160.00), you get the best two tickets in town...!!

This walk begins a short distance from the Tara Grand Hotel... Seems like a great idea if you like mosquitoes...!!

Entry to the Taj Mahal... Tomorrow morning would see me in the queue...!!

And who wouldn't want to a attend a good shooting...!! Place is probably full of South Africans and Mexicans...!!

I wouldn't entertain the buggers with anything...!! Except maybe a swift kick up the backside...!!

Spot the monkey...!!

Not the most modern of irons, but I guess it does the job...!!

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1 comment to On to Agra…

  • Mark Behr

    Once again the mix of culture and lack of culture is amazing ! Please Kick one of those Animal Maltreaters up the backside for me.

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