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July 5th, 2011 | Asia


I thought since I have hopped onto Ronnie’s site again, I might add the following…

It was about 3 years ago… I was wandering East Africa with the legend formerly known as the “Dark Destroyer” but now the legendary “Gypsy Biker”… I remember he was compiling these HUGE MS Word documents and sending them to his friends in South Africa (.za for those inclined to TLDs).

This killed me. As a blogger and writer junkie, I knew Ronnie had stories to tell. To share. But these word documents were behemoth…

After I returned to EEUU (USA) I asked Ronnie for the files. They were massive. He had to send me them on a DVD. I went through the painstaking process of converting what is known as the “Taking Back My Heart” series into something palatable and readable on the web.

Hence, this website was born.

Fast forward many years later after convincing him this was the way of the world and the future of his world ride, I’m happy Ronnie is blogging and sharing his incredible perspective to an audience that would’ve never known my buddy. You are the recipients of his gift. And I love this guy!

We talked and talked… About travels, places. And more. I revealed to him that it was Indonesia that truly cemented the idea of travel, and motorcycle travel was the way to see the world. I’ve been to Indonesia three times. It still holds my heart and the place that inspired me to learn and grow through travel.

When I was in Manado in Sulawesi, my good friend Johnny A (who I was traveling with at the time) and I were asked to perform some songs to a screaming audience of thousands during the Indonesian Independence day. I quickly wrote a song back then, but years later it evolved and after many, many re-writings, the song has become a normal repertoire in my live performances. So I’m happy to share this song to readers of Ronnie’s blog and hope you too are inspired to travel and that one day you’ll make it to ‘Nesia…

Click this to hear the song:  Nesia

Worldrider, Carlsbad, CA.  July 2011


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