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July 5th, 2011 | Asia

Kabar Bagus…(and GB’s replies…!!)

I wish I was in Indonesia with Ronnie now. Likewise Buddy…!!

I’d wander the black sand beaches of the Northern Island, (done that…) climb Batur (seen that from the seat of the Big Fella…climbing is for people who can’t find the keys to their motorcycles…!!) and lie under the sun on the beaches of Legian. (Watched the sun go down there last night…!! Made even better with great company and a glass or three of Chardonnay…!!) Sure maybe a tromp through the Monkey Forest in Ubud, but last time I was there they’d built a hundred more losmen so maybe there are no more monkeys. At least, I doubt there is a forest. (Monkeys still abound, and there is still a patch of forest, believe it or not…!!)

Then wander to the Gili Islands off Lombok, (Done that…!! Had a Mushroom shake for you…!!) perchance explore the textiles of Sumba (Mmmm… A bridge too far, methinks…!!) and then explore the lakes at Keli Mutu on Flores. (Soon, Brother, soon… But before that, take a gander at those lizards on Komodo…!!) That’d be great.

Meanwhile though, he’s smitten in Bali…!! So we’ll have to wait to see how that shakes out. (Shaking out pretty darn good…!!)

He missed the deadline for the Dalton Highway to Alaska. I’ll have to go without him. (Sorry, Dude… The World suddenly got big on me…!! You’ll just have to do it again with me in July 2012…!! Let’s hook up in Argentina when you are down there at the end of the year…!!)

But today I’ve got to trouble shoot his website. Tells me he can’t upload images into posts or his media library. So here goes….

Here's a Ugandan Dish I made a few weeks ago... Goat Curry with Bananas... Yummy !! (Wanna tell us where you found Goat in California...??)

(Muttered curses issue forth from the upstairs room of Worldrider’s home in Carlsbad, California… Furious typing can be heard… The neighbours huddle behind their closed curtains, fearing the worst, and wondering if they should make contact with the local Animal Control Unit…)

Looks like all is good with the uploading. I wonder if it’s the internet connection or the machine. (Its the machine….!! There’s a ghost in it, I tell you…!!)

I think he was going to get a Mac when he got to USA. (What have I told you about an old dog and new tricks…??)

Good luck Ronnie, missing you in the  USA!

Thanks for sorting out the glitch, my friend… Missing you too, and look forward to a reunion ride when I swing by there in June 2012… Be there…!!

2 comments to Kabar Bagus…(and GB’s replies…!!)

  • Ahhhh. so you say!! Very good my friend. So they’ve built a road to the top of Batur? Good god!!

    Well, did you climb Merapi. No way they’ll put a road up there!!!

    Sounds all good Mr. Ronnie… yes. I’ll see you in Argentina or Ushuaia the end of the year. We’ll ride together and get those photos we need to capture as well as explore those sensual beaches of Brazil. You can use your Port You Gayse… the homeland language of Angola and Mo Zam Beek… my friend. Let’s do it!!!

  • by the way, those ain’t no lizards, those are dinosaurs

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