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August 21st, 2011 | Asia

Houston…!! We Have a Problem…!!

Just in case you all thought that riding through the wilds of Flores was a piece of cake…!!

There was more than the usual excitement out on the road today…!!

There I was, minding my own business on the wrong side of the road, on a hairpin bend, when this little scooter appeared in front of me…!!

Head-on collisions with a scooter will result in this...!!

I ended up under the bike in the drainage ditch on the right of the above photo…!! At least I was out of the sun for a few minutes…!! Have I mentioned the heat yet…??

Fortunately, the Big Fella is made of the strongest possible stuff, and all he has to show, are a few more scars to add to those he collected in Ethiopia…!! (BTW… Somebody seems to have been teaching him some foul language, which I am unable to print here…!! Shocking, really…!! )

"Then this HUGE motorcycle tried to obliterate my little scooter...!!"

"Aaaagh...!! My #%&* nose hurts...!!" Tsk, tsk... Such language...!! I'll get you a new one in Oz...!!

"Looking a bit cock-eyed, Big Fella...!!" Left spotlight now points in a southerly direction...!!

The rider of the scooter did not have a scratch on him, which is more than I can say for his passenger…!!

After a trip to the local clinic, we got his lip and two toes sewn up, a dozen other abrasions on his hands and arms cleaned and disinfected, and then we sat down with a small crowd of “well-wishers” to discuss “blood-money”…!! More on that later…

The local Yamaha dealer will also be a happy man tomorrow and will be offloading a number of spare parts for the scooter…

It will not be tangling with a BMW again anytime soon…!!

"Sorry Steve...!! I'll get it panel-beaten soon...!! Vince, you busy...??"

And as for me, I will be looking to Deep Heat, Icy Hot and as many Voltaren tablets as I can lay my hands on…!! Bruised left hand, twisted ankle, aching shoulders and a large bump where my shin kissed the potentiometer protection plate…!!

All in a days riding, don’t you know…!!

©GBWT 2011

11 comments to Houston…!! We Have a Problem…!!

  • Charmz

    Oh no, not a good lesson for riding on the wrong side of the road. You are going to be very sore in more places than just hands, feet, bruises, etc., your heart, your “baby” not too mention your wallet too. Big Fella not in good shape, looks a bit buckled and bent. Must get that frame checked out. Glad you not badly injured, could have been worse. Chin up, Australia here comes GypsyBiker!

  • Chris Hanekom (Meerkat)

    Ron,hope you are well,strongs my friend.That is why you have a Adventure Bike and not a scooter

  • You must be wondering why you didnt stay cuddled in the arms of Patricia a big longer, its all in the timing – ugh!
    Glad to hear your body wasnt too damaged that you cant ride, i say get to Oz asap, its open roads, few people and so relaxing, not too hot either!! hope your doing ok… sooo happy to hear you are back on the road again though, we are very jealous, re-entry is difficult to say the least.

  • Mark Behr

    Ouch! Not what you really needed at this stage. Glad you are okay and your bike not too bad. Travel safely!

  • Paula

    Oh boy not what you need starting out the second half of your epic journey… However we are very glad to hear that you and the Big Fella came out with only a few bumps and bruises… Travel safely there is still half the world out there waiting for you guys to pay them a visit!

  • Patricia

    You didn’t mention all of this to me!! OMG! Thank God you are o.k.! Baby…big hug and kiss to make it better 🙂

  • Antonia Leth

    🙁 Thank goodness you’re OK Ronnie, and the Big Fella..ouch!!! you’re going to be sore for a while…sending healing thoughts…hoping your back in the saddle asap…

  • Tony Royle

    Einya and Eish…!!

    Good to see the scooter driver only lost 1 flIp-flop in the collision!

  • Thanks Antonia…!! All fine… Rode another 120 km after the accident yesterday, and today went up to see the Kelimutu Volcano, a 150 km round trip…. Thought it best to keep the muscles warm…!! Ha…!! Take care…!! R.

  • Ha…!! His passenger lost both flip-flops, two toenails, his glasses, and about half a pint of blood…!! He’ll also be taking his food through a straw for a few days…!! More details on the “incident at Bajawa” later in the blog…!! Cheers, R.

  • Mal

    Hey Ronnie,
    Bad news you crashed, but good news that it wasn’t worse. The actuaries and statisticians will probably have something to say. How many kms have you ridden so far? Part of the fun is trying to beat the odds of crashing.

    I hope you heal quickly, and get the rhythm back.


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