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April 30th, 2011 | Asia

Paradise to Earth…!! Anybody out there…??

Hee, hee…!!

Kata Beach, Phuket... We managed to make it through another difficult day...

Ok, enough with the sun, the sea, the palm trees and white beaches on tropical islands….!! And the “other scenery” with it’s humps and bumps…

Time to get back to work I hear you say….!!

Believe it or not, we do not have co-ordinated wardrobes...!! It's Mental...... Telepathy....!!

While Trev, Chenty and Phil have gone over to Phi Phi island for some diving, I have ridden on to Koh Lanta island and found a quiet place to relax and chill for a bit…

And much to my disgust, the darn place has an excellent internet connection…!!

I will begin posting photos (in the main), of what we have been doing over the past few weeks, including our visit to Myanmar (Burma)…

Check out “Memories of Cambodia” in the mean time, while I go get another beer….er, I mean, find a pen…..!!

Cheers from Paradise, (snigger, snigger…)

GB in Koh Lanta, Thigh-land… er…. that should read Thailand, I think…. Even the bloody spell-check has gone on holiday…!!

5 comments to Paradise to Earth…!! Anybody out there…??

  • Charmz

    We all personally think that you have had too much SUN, SEA and BEACH life. Its time to move on to a place where you can sit down and catch up on this website. Its just not fair that you keep us waiting so looooonnnnnnnggggggggg.
    Wish you had been here with us this Easter.
    We love and miss you,
    Dad. Mom and me

  • Mark Behr

    Looks like you are having too much fun !

  • Trevor Reeve

    My folks are docked on a luxury cruise liner at CT about to head for europe for the grand prix at manaco, my best friend and his family are on a plane heading to the seyshelles for ten days and you are where? I must be doing something wrong!!!

  • Vince Ricci

    Trevor, I hear ya! I’m still sitting in the same 20′ sea can I was sitting in when Gypsy Biker rolled through Khartoum a year ago, and I started reading this blog! Keep the stories coming Ronnie!

  • Will do, Buddy, will do…just as soon as I get the the lead shaken out of my tail…!! Will soon be rolling south….!! Plenty of photos and stories to impart… Will catch up soon-ish…!! GB

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