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December 20th, 2012 | Africa

Tomorrow’s the day…!!

I have spent the last few evenings sorting through the many files on my laptop in order to save stuff I wanted, and delete the stuff I no longer felt I needed…

After so many years on the road, I have accumulated reams of notes about things I either wrote about or places I had visited, or wanted to remind myself of to write about and visit later…

I came across a number of things I had jotted down that either made me smile happily to myself in memory thereof, or sent me into short bouts of melancholy… Notes about friends I not thought about for a while, places I had been to or still wanted to see…

I sometimes wrote down a line or two from a song that I had been listening to and whose words had struck a chord within me… I often did this and enjoyed “re-inventing” a song that I enjoyed the beat of or the words to…

I found a short piece that I had written at a small village truck stop on the way from Palenque in Mexico… It is here in the Mayan ruins that the Hall of Records is to be found… On these walls are the inscriptions which have led many people to believe that tomorrow, the 21st of December 2012, the world as we know it will end…

The Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, and The Hall of Records where the Mayan calendar ends at what has been interpreted as 21.12.2012, and the end of the world...!!

The Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque, and The Hall of Records where the Mayan calendar ends at what has been interpreted as 21.12.2012, and the end of the world…!!

The lines I wrote down, and changed to suit my circumstances at the time, are from an old Bob Dylan song, “Things have changed…”, one of my all time favourites…

“A worried man with a worried mind,

The rest of Mexico in front of me and half the world behind…

Maybe I’m riding to the gallows to put my head in a noose,

Feels like any second now all hell might break loose…

Lot of water under the bridge, lot of other stuff too…

Don’t get up gentleman, I’m just passing through…

I’ve  ridden thousands of miles on bad roads,

And if the Mayans are right the world will explode…”

When I came across this piece, I vividly recalled the day I had written it… I had left Palenque and was on my way to the Pacific coast at Huatulco. It was a long and hard ride over three mountain ranges, and I had stopped in a small village whose name escapes me… While munching down a packet of biscuits and sipping on a bottle of cold water, I sat quietly to one side, listening to Bob Dylan on my I-Pod and watched the trucks come and go…

I was in one of those moods where I swung from the utter joy of being where I was and doing what I loved doing; to letting my mind dredge up stuff that made me acutely aware of the long and lonely hours I was spending out in the world…

The place that I had stopped at to rest and write the above few lines... I recall that the staff were non to happy that I had parked right inside the restaurant...!!

The place that I had stopped at to rest and write the above few lines… I recall that the staff were none too happy that I had parked right inside the restaurant…!!

My visit to Palenque had been an amazing one… I had wandered through the ruins on my own, and then been escorted through a small section of them by an elderly archeologist, who was keen to share her passion for her work with someone who seemed genuinely interested in the surroundings he had found himself in…

What I gleamed from her in those few minutes we shared was that the Mayans had probably run out of wall to inscribe on, and had moved on to yet another section of ruins which was still covered by jungle and yet to be excavated…

So to all of you out there who have hoarded tinned goods and other non-persishables… RELAX…!!

It’s gonna be just another Friday…!! And that bright light in the sky tomorrow will be the Sun, and not an asteroid hurtling towards us… I think…!!

 ©GBWT 2012

5 comments to Tomorrow’s the day…!!

  • richard mennen

    It is the end of the Mayan calendar , not the end of the world. The Mayans simply stopped at what was the end point of a 25,000 year cycle in the galaxy. How they knew this is what amazes me. But then how we know it now amazes me. 25,000 cycle is something to celebrate so raise a glass or a pipe and be in wonder!

  • Vince

    How this brings back memories! Of the days when I used to look forward to unlocking the door of my sea can to check what mischief Gypsy Biker had been up to. It’s always a nice way to start my day. Since I’ve so far survived the apocalypse, I think I’ll raise a glass to that! Thanks again Ronnie

  • Doug McIllwain

    Still here………..everything looks the same…………damn!! Guess I’d better start making those new bike payments. 🙂

  • Evans

    Hey GB,

    Wow what a ride. I can’t remember when I first came across your blog but I started it at Taking Back My Heart and I finally ended up here. I was hoping I was going to be able to catch up before you flew through the State of Washington, USA so I can offer you a place to stay in Seattle and show you around our beautiful state but you were long gone. I plan on retiring early and take 5 years traveling on same route you did in reverse 10 years from now.

    From the beginning I felt like I was with you all the way. I’ve owned quite a few motorcycles pretty much all my life except for a 6 year period when I sold my Suzuki ’92 GSXR 1100 to make ends meet while I was married. I then went through a divorce, my ex moved across the country with my kids, she kept them from me out of spite and it broke my heart. A year ago I finally reconnected with my daughter on Facebook the night before she left to for boot camp to join the Marines and by then I missed about 10 years of them growing up. Even though everyone experiences emotions differently I felt like I could relate to you while going though the healing process and the bonds that we have with our motorcycles.

    It’s a 2002 Yamaha R1, her name is Betsy and she has dependably carried me for 40,000 miles of traveling on it through the USA and Canada. Next to my kids she is my pride and joy and I treat her like she is my best friend. I am now getting older which means I get sore joints more often so I only use it for day rides and commuting to work now (it’s not the most comfortable) so I bought a brand new BMW G650GS earlier this year that I named Putter and it’s a he. Putter is cool but I am not as attached to him which is probably why I had to take him to the dealer for warranty repair work a few times :).

    You lived the dream and you had such a wonderful happy ending. I am very happy for you and Patricia, she seems like a wonderful lady. I wish you both happiness in the years to come. I am hoping that wherever you are in 10-15 years I will have the privilege to meet you, shake your hand and tell you what an inspiration you have been. Thanks for sharing your story with us and if you are ever in the Seattle area shoot me an email (if you can’t see it in the post here I let me know and I will send it to you). I have some extra motorcycles I can share and I can really show you some beautiful sites that you missed :).

    Take care of yourself GB.


  • Meerkat

    Hi GB
    When are you going to stop keeping us in suspense ,we are waiting patiently for you to complete your travel diary we all know you are busy with a new venture.
    Kom nou Ronnie ons wil die storie boek afsluit asb

    Groete & n Geseende Kersfees en Voorspoedige 2013

    Meerkat (Chris)

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