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September 30th, 2013 | Africa

Progress on Posts…

In between trying to make arrangements that concern my immediate future, visiting family and have the Big Fella “groomed”, I have made a little progress on the posts that I never had a chance to complete before heading back to South Africa..

The following posts have been published over the last week or so, and can be viewed by clicking on the links to them:

To Prince Edward Island… The Sunrise Trail.

Rachel and Tiernan’s Wedding

Riding Prince Edward Island…

To Cape Breton…

North Sydney and a Change of Heart…

I am working on the next few which will include my thwarted plans to get to Newfoundland; The Cabot Trail; my ride to Edmundston and Madawaska, and getting back into the USA, and my preparations for our flight back to SA.

I am away to the bush for a few days to check out those of tooth and claw, and internet willing, will continue to bring my posts up to date, so that I can get on with writing about the “NOW !!”



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