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February 5th, 2010 | Africa

Pauli…!! You Peach !!

I have mentioned Pauli Massyn, owner of GPS4Africa in previous posts, and he is prominently featured on the Sponsor and Supporters page of this website. From the very first time I visited him, he showed a huge interest in what I was planning to do, and set out to assist me as much as he could. I have visited him on many occasions since then, each time to either get some more info on various pieces of equipment I needed fitted to the bike, or to discuss the more intricate workings of my Garmin… Each time he has patiently explained what it was I wanted to know, and today was no different…

I arrived to find him working on a BMW 1200 Cruiser, but on seeing me, he eagerly stepped forward to see what needed to be done on the Big Fella… Over the course of the next few hours, not only did he help change the headlamp globe which had “popped” a few days ago, but also the left spotlight globe, which had “popped”….well….long ago !! We also fitted the supporting brackets for the Top Box carrier, attached a set of Tank Pads, replaced the standard Rear Brake reservoir cap with one that matched the Clutch and Front Brake reservoir caps, showed me how the I-Jet remote control for my I-Pod worked, and fitted it to my handle bars, and then reloaded some GPS programs onto my new laptop…. Busy bee, is our man, Pauli !! Oh yes, and in between all this, he found time to fit a set of Panniers on a BMW Adventure, which turned up unexpectedly !!!

This is a fairly normal working day at GPS4Africa… There is a constant stream of bikers arriving and leaving from Pauli’s premises, and I have watched him deal with each one in a professional and helpful manner… Nothing is too much for him and he goes the extra mile to assist and advise his clients. And if you hang around there long enough, you’ll be invited to partake of a cold-drink from his well stocked fridge !! Ask me, I should know !!! I owe you a few dozen, Pauli !!

The ever helpful Pauli Massyn, proud owner of GPS4Africa...

Pauli has been an ardent and staunch supporter of the Gypsy Biker World Tour, and we have formed a firm and lasting friendship. I have much to thank him for, and would recommend both him and the products he supplies to any biker who is looking for the right product and great advice, all dispensed with professionalism and a wide smile to boot !!! For the full picture of what Pauli of GPS4Africa can do for you and your beloved bike, visit his website here…

When we finally completed what I had come around to have sorted, we retired to Pauli’s haven, to sit in the peace and quiet of his well-wooded and beautifully laid out garden, while we sucked down a few cold ones….

A perfect ending to the day !! Thank you once again Pauli… You Peach !!!

Pauli, the Big Fella and I...

3 comments to Pauli…!! You Peach !!

  • Hi Ronnie,

    Thank you very much for the kind words! It’s only a pleasure to be associated with you.
    You are ALWAYS most welcome to call on me, doesn’t matter where you are…….I’ll make a plan!

    I wish you an AWESOME trip and can’t wait to log into this blog everyday for the next 3 years to see how you doing!

    PS – And remember if you need help, you know who to call!

  • Thanks Pauli! With supporters like you, I can’t go wrong !! You are part and parcel of this journey, and although it will not be in person, I’m glad you can enjoy it in spirit !!

  • Charmz

    Hi there Pauli, It’s great to have you on board and I thank you too for all the help you have given Gypsybiker. We will enjoy the journey with him, albeit through the eyes of this website. I have been truly blessed to have a brother like him and will miss his laughter and wonderful spirit while he is away on this adventure.

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