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April 23rd, 2009 | Africa

Keeping Busy…

Just in case you thought I was sitting on my hands up here, these are some of the items we shipped this last week… We take special orders from the UK for “Letter Benches”…. These go into the containers with our normal production… This week, “Philippa” and “Winnie” left for Dorset in “Ye Olde England”…

Spell checks are relatively important, as you can imagine! On checking the one below, I noticed that they had inserted the one “N” upside down!! Luckily the glue had not set yet, and we were able to change it… The letters are all cut out on a CNC Router, and the benches are of a heavier than normal construction. We send them fully assembled. Ex-factory price for “Winnie”, a 7’ Bench, is about R4350.00!  “Philippa” is a 9’ Bench, and sells for a wallet-numbing R6000.00… The retail price in the UK is almost twice that!! Orders please!! Names like Charlotte, Charmaine, Nicholas and Rumplestiltskin would be much appreciated… Orders for names like John, Guy and Rob will attract additional charges which I will dream up in due course…!!! Sorry gents, but the old adage of “longer is better” applies once again…!!

Has Mrs. Mandela relocated to Dorcet….???

I assume that Phillipa is a big girl….

We also make a great product called a Tree Bench, which is used by various town councils in their parks…as well as the “Super Wealthy” on their estates, no doubt…  The bench is made up in four separate segments, and when fully assembled, surrounds the trunk of tree with a diameter of up to 1500mm…. I wonder how long one of these would last in a park in South Africa…?

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