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January 20th, 2013 | Africa

It only takes a moment….

For those that might be thinking that I’ve completely given up on my writing…. Think again…!!

Some of us have been rather busy, you know !! I will update the progress I have made with the contract/s I am working on at a later date, suffice to say for now, that all is steaming ahead according to plan…

I have dubbed the project “Five Factories and a House”… I have already moved one of the factories and a house…!! Yes, a house…not the building itself mind you, just all the contents… I have moved to a new home across the road from the Royal Johannesburg Golf Course, and am patiently waiting for a stray ball to arrive on the front lawn, so that I can whack it back towards the nearest green… It’s the only way I’ll ever be able to say I played a few shots at the Royal Johannesburg… A round of golf there does not feature in my budget…!!

With Patricia’s arrival in South Africa reaching “Imminent” status, I was recently inspired to do a bit of scribbling, and the result lies below…

It only takes a moment to set your soul free…

To rid myself of what once felt like some powerful curse,

I rode to far, clear waters to quench what became an insatiable thirst,

And I watched Condors and Eagles as they rose high,

Against clear blue oceans and up against vast open skies…

And I walked and marveled in Machu Picchu, wet with rain,

Up in the Andes wished I’d never ever get so cold again…

On a steel chariot to places back in time,

Often felt hot tears on my cheeks and didn’t know why…

Perhaps I wished to be taken into a woman’s loving arms again,

And forget to remember that I ever felt any of the tearing pain…

Took on the bleak Atacama where it never seemed to rain,

And wished that my throat would never ever feel so dry again…

Today I can raise my arms up into the night time sky,

Imagine all the stars are shining from and in her eyes,

Just to be, just to feel, be thankful for all those times,

Not to question or to try and find the reasons why…

Not to wonder or try to read between any feint gray lines,

Just be satisfied that I’m living a dream that forever changed my life…

While I wait for the girl with sweet smelling hair and a saint-like smile,

A wonderful woman with a beautiful mind and light green eyes,

I hear the mournful hooting of an owl in this dead of night,

Remember how I once with broken wings, wasted precious time trying to fly…

Realize now that I was just waiting for that special moment to arrive,

To allow me to start out on a journey for which most people can only strive…

For peace of soul and mind, to search for truth and survive,

A special friend taught me to first learn how myself and others to forgive…

In order to be true to me, I must keep myself on moral ground high,

In this way I know that I’ll do far more than just get by…

With what were once sightless eyes I have now learned to see,

I had only been waiting for that special moment to set my heart and my soul free…



This piece is not only dedicated to my wife, Patricia,  but also to Chental Wilson, who put me on the path to what I would later come to understand, was “enlightenment”…


Linksfield, Johannesburg.

9 comments to It only takes a moment….

  • Carolina Correa Guzman

    Dear friend Ronnie. worth well have come down to really start seeing. To see what’s important. I love and appreciate you that you share your feelings and thoughts, it makes me more and more aware that on this planet with so many colors, after all we are all equal, despite the cultural differences in the deepest all have similar experiences , feelings and thoughts.
    You’re a poet ……
    All the best to you and to Patricia.
    A big hug with love,

  • Kim

    It’s the final countdown!!!!
    Can’t wait to see Patricia (and you) again!!
    BIG kisses

  • Mark Behr


    Sorry we could not catch up in Jhb over Christmas – crazy busy time. look forward to keeping up via this site and email.
    Blessings to both you and Patricia for 2013 – may it be the first of many happy years together!

  • Antonia Leth

    Beautiful, what a journey physically and spiritually Ronnie. Forgiveness and acceptance of self is definitely what free’s the soul and takes us to a calm , peaceful place of “grace”. In that place you can just be…..
    Be the person you were born to be now 🙂
    Thank you for sharing
    Blessing for you and Patricia in all your future adventures together
    Love and peace

  • Debbie Buckland

    Beautiful, Ronnie! My love to you and Patricia.

  • Harun

    Hi Ronnie,
    First of all I wish you a very happy life with Patricia (Crazy Girl:).
    You bring my dreams to real.I always wanted to make an escape of all the chaos of the world as you did.But that is not easy.I hope I can do it one day.
    You are so lucky to get Patricia on your way. She is a very kind and good girl.
    Best regards from Istanbul.

  • Thank you Harun. Patricia sends her best wishes back to you !
    Take care,

  • Thanks for staying tuned Debbie, and also for your wishes. Much appreciated ! R.

  • So brave of you Ronnie to share your poem, but so very freeing. I found to write was one thing but to publish was something quite different. I love the courage and freedom that comes with publishing our deepest thoughts. Oh to free ourselves of our shackles that once held us hiding deep within. Great Poem I may just have to do some calligraphy with that one and frame it!

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