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September 23rd, 2013 | Africa

FORKS…. By Allan Karl.

Those of you who have been constant followers of my Gypsy Biker World Tour, and have also read the journal I wrote before that, entitled Taking Back My Heart, about my first major expedition ride to Tanzania and back, will recall with fondness, my good friend, the irrepressible Allan Karl from Encinitas, California…

I credit Allan to a large extent, for firing up my imagination and desire to see many of the places that he had already covered. We met in January 2008 , in central Namibia, and would go on to cover thousands of kilometres together, through six Southern and East African countries, sharing adventures and having a great deal of fun in the process.

We reluctantly parted company on the shores of the Indian Ocean, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Allan rode north, to continue on his quest to circumnavigate the world, while I turned south to return to my home in South Africa…

Three years after returning from his ride, Allan has now completed what was another of his goals, and that was to have a book published that described his incredible adventures, the people he met, cultures he shared, and the variety of meals he enjoyed while doing so.

FORKS - The Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection. By Allan Karl

FORKS – The Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection. By Allan Karl



For more information about Allan’s book and an insight into what went into getting it to the point where it is now available for purchase, you can open the link below:

Here is a copy of today’s press release for “FORKS”….



Culture. Cuisine. Connection. Karl turns to crowd-funding to help realize his vision for this book which lets readers experience the world through fascinating stories, stunning photography, and tasty food from 35 different countries.

Leucadia, Calif.–September 23, 2013–Rather than compromise his vision by using traditional publishers who wanted to simplify his book, author Allan Karl decided to turn to crowd-funding for the printing of the first-edition of his new book. Beginning today, Allan Karl’s book, FORKS. A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The book brings to life a three-year global adventure in a unique oversized, full-color, hardcover book. FORKS has been three-years in the making and includes more than 500 color photographs, stories of extraordinary people, their culture, personal connection and 40 recipes from all over the world.

“The best way to experience the world,” says Karl, “is to see it through photographs, to feel it through stories of connection and culture, and to taste it in the real local food.” FORKS incorporates original photography and food to complement and enhance Karl’s stories of adventure, discovery and human connection. “I dedicate this book to every passionate adventurer, traveler, dreamer, home chef, and motorcyclist”, he says.

The book, along with collector-edition postcards, photographic prints, personalized coaching sessions and keynote speeches are some of the rewards that supporters can expect from pledging on Kickstarter. An intimate dinner party is another of Karl’s rewards. “I would love to travel to your home, help prepare meals from the book and share more stories of adventure”, adds Karl. Rewards start at $10, and books can be pre-ordered for as little as $45.

For three years Karl rode his BMW GS motorcycle more than 60,000 miles over five continents, through 35 countries. As with any adventure there were highs and lows. While in Bolivia he crashed and broke his leg, in the Colombian jungle he was escorted to a remote waterfall at gunpoint, and the governments of Syria and Sudan had to be pleaded with for passage through those countries.

Karl hopes that FORKS—A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection inspires readers to be open to new experiences. “Every photograph, story, and recipe from this journey embodies the importance of connecting with people—humanity—and overcoming obstacles, and conquering our own personal fears”, says Karl.  “This book presents readers an opportunity to try something new,” says Karl. “Perhaps to taste flavors of a new food or to journey into dangerous or unknown territories. Every experience is an opportunity to connect with others.”


FORKS is published by WorldRider Publishing and Press. Copies of the book can be preordered on Kickstarter, and more information can be found at

From The Gypsy Biker to Worldrider :

Allan, I wish you all the very best with the publication of FORKS… I know how much you have put into getting this book ready for publication, and I trust it’s success will justify the enormous effort and labour of love that has gone into it.

When paging through it, I know it will bring back many pleasant (and not-so-pleasant !) memories of the months we spent blundering through the African countryside, and the promise we made to each other, that “One day, we will ride again…”


Uvongo, South Africa.


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  • Somebody truly said “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”, it was great to hear your amazing riding stories on your blog. Keep on riding!! you are never old to ride the bike.

    Cheers from Nepal!!

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